Z Axis clicking noise when rising

So, after much use I decided to clean my 3. No troubles, made it pretty again.


I removed the z axis plate to clean, put it back, and now it makes a clicking noise. It sounds like the belt is jumping, when I push it down and let the springs pull it back up, but I visually can’t see anything. Is the belt tension too high? Is this a non-issue?


I would suspect that it’s a spring catching on something, or one of them is twisted and making the sound as it settles or is stretched.

It doesn’t seem to be, but the weight of the DeWalt almost eliminates it. The whole z axis makes a small shudder when I let go. Wish I could upload a video. Still, I just ran a quick job and it works flawlessly, no clicking under power. wondering if anyone else had noticed this.

The shudder is caused by the stepper moving fast enough to generate enough voltage to lock up. That’s probably not related (you can make the same thing happen by moving the carriage rapidly in any direction with the power off)

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Thanks, that makes sense. Should have thought of that. Definitely feels like the motor grabbing for a split second.