Z axis depth issue

Looking for quick help, I’m trying to cut letters out of .75” thick wood and the program says it will take 5 passes to completely cut through the wood; however, when it starts to cut with each pass the depth of the cut changes When it should be even cut depths throughout the cutting process and when the project is finished it is not cut all the way through. It will also eventually start to cut in midair. Have tried 3 different times and still having issues. Hope someone can help. Thanks!

Hi Jared,

Possible issues:

  • your Z-axis belt might be too loose, check that first ?
  • while you are at it, check whether all your eccentric nuts at adjusted correctly (they should not spin freely)
  • your endmill might be slipping in the collet, is is tight enough ?
  • your feeds & speeds might be inadequate: maybe share your endmill type (diameter & nb of flutes), RPM, and feedrate for a quick check
  • your stock may not be the thickness you think it is, did you measure it with a caliper?
  • your wasteboard/stock may not be level to the machine axes.
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