Z-Axis Depth Off - Help Please

I have the XXL with the HDZ upgrade, the bitsetter and the touch probe. I am consistently getting my cuts deeper than I want than they are set to be in the toolpath. The amount of variance does not seem to be consistent from cut to cut, but is consistent within the same cut. Also, the actual cut is always deeper than what it should be. Never shallower. I have tested with multiple different files, shapes, bits and tool path settings.

For reference, I have surfaced the waste board, levelled everything, and checked for flatness using a dial indicator.

Is there some sort of recalibration that I need to do? Any help here would be greatly appreciated.

Iā€™m not knowledgeable enough to help with your specific question, but those who can will probably ask for a copy of the *.c2d and *.nc files to be uploaded, and probably a copy of the result of entering $$ in the MDI command line.


What @NewToThis said. It will help troubleshooting if you could isolate one specific job with that problem, upload its associated c2d file and .nc file, and tell us in lots of detail how you zeroed, and finally what actual depth you measured and where in the cut.


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