Z axis drag chain on an XXL

For anyone else suffering from the irresistible urge to upgrade their machine who might have been thinking about adding a Z axis drag chain to strain relieve and generally tidy up their spindle power cable and hoses my view is, yes, you should.

Of course, I’m way beyond any sort of warranty now and more Shapeokish than Shapeoko, but I saw all those big professional machines with tidy Z axis chains vs. the wobbly mess on my machine and just couldn’t resist it :wink:


Very cool. Though, I now am very curious about your x axis drive system. Is there a thread out there somewhere about it? It looks very interesting.

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The X axis drive is still somewhat experimental and not working very well yet.

It’s designed to let me test single and double belts in 2MGT and 3MGT (2 and 3 mm tooth pitches) to see what, if any, benefits I can get from reducing belt stretch on the X axis now that I have the linear rails getting rid of the V Wheel wobble.

I’ll be doing an update post about it once I have some measured results to compare with my pre-upgrade models and measurements.

I blame Luke myself, if I’d never laid hands on the HDZ and said “aaah! this is how we’re meant to build things!” I’d have been happy with the stock machine :stuck_out_tongue:


Cool. I am excited to see your post once you do all your testing!

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You are running with the big dogs now. Me I am too lazy to get off the porch. Ruff Ruff. Translation:. Very Nice!

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