Z axis going down on first time jog


I recently received my Shapeoko XXL last week. Got it all set up and was running the first jog sequence and the Z axis would just go down then stop and give me 3 errors in Carbide Motion. After being on the phone with Carbide 3D they troubleshoot that my X axis limit switch was bad. Received my new one today…installed and the same issue is going on… Strait down to the table then error codes on screen…From what friends have told me on IG is it’s supposed to go up on the first jog not down…The pully is installed on the left side is the first thing I checked when Googling the issue… Right now the machine I purchased to make money is costing me money… Any help appreciated…

Very sorry to hear about this difficulty.

If the Z-axis is going down when the Z-axis carriage spindle plate is installed so as to have the static pulley on the left there are two possibilities:

  • something is miswired
  • the stepper driver has failed and only runs in that direction

Hopefully it’s the former — that can be addressed by re-wiring — all wiring extensions should be straight through, and all wiring connectors should be consistent, stepper motors may be reversed in several ways:

  • swap the left and right pair of wires
  • reverse the ordering of the wires in the left or the right pair
  • reverse all four wires

Do whichever is appropriate to match the other wiring connectors — use a small tool to pop out the wiring lead pins and when reinserting them, make certain that they click into place.

If it’s the stepper driver, contact support and we’ll do our best to work this out.

Thanks William

It’s definitely wired correctly. I went down that road in the first trouble shooting journey on the phone. I definitely had a bad X limit switch because now I have no blue light with the new one installed. Guess I will give you guys a call Monday… thanks for the help.

Which axis are you having trouble with? The “X” axis or the “Z” axis?
I wouldn’t describe the “X” axis as moving “UP” or “DOWN”.
I would describe the “Z” axis that way! :smiley:

William refers to the “Z” axis, perhaps making the assumption that you did literally mean “DOWN” and “UP.”

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We staff the phones and support e-mail on the weekend — no need to wait for Monday.

Sorry all…Yes I ment the Z axis…

That’s great news…I really need to get running this weekend…Already lost one big job just on time…

The big thing is we need for you to be our eyes and ears and hands and to accurately describe what the machine is doing and how it reacts to a change which we’ve asked you to make.

The community has a bit written up here at: https://wiki.shapeoko.com/index.php/SO3_Function_Test

Out to the shop I go…

Ok I’ve switched and switched and switched…still goes strait down and errors out…

In that case, your controller seems to have failed — let us know at support@carbide3d.com and we’ll get you a replacement as quickly as we can.

Talked with Nick about 30min ago…Is going to call someone then call me back…

Man I hope you guys have some type of inconvenience package… New Controller Board on the way…

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