Z axis going up?

Yes, another newbie :slight_smile:
I’m a proud owner of the Shapeoko XL. I now am able to make personalized coasters and things. Tonight I made a simple program similar to a square, no problem. I made a slight perimeter adjustment and reopened motion, zeroed the machine as I always do and now the program runs but it’s as if the material is like 2" thick. It’s set to 1/2", so it’s cutting the air. I’m sorry if I’m not as clear as I should be but I’d appreciate any help.
Another thing, I honed the router, I do I stop if from going back to the far right corner every time I turn on motion?

Mystified as to what’s happening here.

My suggestion would be to shut everything down, wait a bit, then, restart, follow along in the order from the machine operating checklist and do each step deliberately and carefully, taking notes as you go.

It might be that the machine is somehow getting into a coordinate system or otherwise confused somehow — might be that wiping the EEPROM would help, but hard to say w/o an exact accounting of where things get off track.

If homing is enabled, then yes, when the machine is powered up, the first thing it needs to do is to home and establish its position. The only work-around would be to manually turn homing off, then only turn it on and use it when needed — it adds a lot of convenience / reliability / precision / accuracy, so I’d argue against that.

My suggestion is to use the time when the machine homes to either fill out / check your logbook, or tidy something up (old adage, “Time to lean, time to clean.”)