Z axis lead screw grinds and stops

So I have had my machine about a year and a half. In the last few weeks my z axis lead screw just stops and grinds. I cleaned everything off thinking it may be a dust issue on the screw but no success. Is it possible that my a motor is failing? I have put MANY MANY hours on this thing so I would not be surprised. Or am I just missing something?
Any help is greatly appreciated

The leadscrew is clean?

Have you lubricated the linear rail?

Please let us know about this difficulty at support@carbide3d.com

Lead screw is clean. Wasn’t sure if there were bearings or just bushings on the rails. I will definitely get it oiled up. On a side note I removed the lead screw retaining nut and backup plate(I guessing that what it is) and well without knowing it was there spun it a few times. How much tension should the spring have on it? Or is it a measured distance. I reassembled and it appears to be fine. But just asking.
Thanks for the info so far I am missing my nightly carve sessions,

The folks at support should be able to offer specific guidance — it might be you’ll need to send your unit in for a rebuild, but someone should address this in an official capacity.

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