Z-Axis Misalignment

My Z axis has some wiggle in it along the x-axis direction. I believe that is what is causing carves to be mis-aligned at some places. Attached picture shows the example of the mis-alignment in carves. Or do you think the mis-alignment is caused by something different?

It shouldn’t. Which Z-axis do you have? Which machine?

Grab the spindle by the collet nut and move it from side-to-side — does it shift? Where? Adjust the parts in question (see the instructions and https://docs.carbide3d.com/ )

possibly an X axis pulley slipping due to loose/misaligned setscrews ?
(just wrote this about a similar problem)

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It sort of moves diagonally along the x & y. See picture. I think my issue may be the lower v wheel (on the bottom side of the gantry). How do I tighten that or adjust it? Or do you think it is something different?

Check the eccentric nuts for the V wheels (both for the Z-axis spindle carriage plate and for the X-axis carriage):

You may want to consider a Maintenance Kit:

and I’d recommend mounting the router lower in the mount (Ideally as low as it can be mounted) — that will reduce the extension on the Z-axis.

Thanks. I have 3 V wheels on eccentric nuts that I tightened. That seemed to help some. I am running a test carve now so we will wait and see the results. After the machine stops, I will lower the router. That is a good point I didn’t really think of before.

As part of the preparation for using the machine, always go through the checklist:

and as part of that, always grab the end of the spindle and try to shift it — the only movements should be along the linear motion of the X-, Y-, and Z-axes — if things aren’t secure, check and resolve before cutting.

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