Z-axis motor change?

Curios if anyone has tried running a different motor for the z-axis?

Looking to potentially swap out the z stepper for a smaller one for a slightly different application on this Shapeoko frame. I won’t need as much travel or as much power.


I use different steppers on my machine with no issues. As long as the stepper driver is putting out the right amperage for the motor, it doesn’t really matter what stepper it is. I have swapped out my controller for a custom one that uses separate stepper drivers. This allows me to control the amperage and microstepping. What problem are you trying to solve by swapping out the stepper? What Z axis type do you have? Belt? Z-Plus? HDZ? I was looking for more power and better resolution so I went with some 400 step per rev and higher torque NEMA 23’s.

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