Z axis probing is going in the wrong dirrection

I installed my probing leads today and everything ran perfect.
Now I went to set my zeros and when I enter this in MDI “G38.2 z-15 f20” my Z goes up instead of down. This is after homing jogged the machine to the XYZ limits correctly. So I know I did not revers the stepper motor leads.

The machine moves the Z carriage up regardless of using the following commands.
G38.2 z-15 f20
G38.2 z15 f20

I have reset the machine countless times and powered it off completely as well. Any help is appreciated.

Have you restarted your software and if so your machine. Sometimes I have them get stuck with a sequence that is not replaced with resending a similar command. I have also had my entire GRBL settings get reset to defaults by using a different GCODE sender. There is one in particular that I do not ever use with my machine because it always resets my GRBL settings.

Please open up the log file and see what is actually being sent to the machine — Carbide Motion will sometimes re-write the code which is sent, and I’m wondering if there’s some reason for it to try to do so.

I restarted the laptop and all is back to normal. Thanks for the help