Z Axis Question

I just received my shapeoko XXL. I’m just wondering is there a stop to prevent the z access from being lowered too much for it to come off the carriage? if I lower my z axis too much through carbide create it will come off its aluminum rails.

not any hard stop but I never had it go off the rails yet during a cut not sure if there is a soft stop in the code there is a limit for X and Y so I imagine there is one for Z also

Thanks, I have to be very careful with setting my end Mill height at full travel. If I don’t make sure before installing it will force it off the rails if doing anything around surface of the wasteboard

do you have your router fully down in it’s holder if not lower it down all the way


Correct. Soft limits are implemented when jogging in Carbide Motion, but when running files, you need to set things up so that it won’t run off the rails. Best thing is to mount the router as low as possible.

Router is all the way down and when jogging it will come off the rails if I let it.

Some folks mount a spoilboard on top of the wasteboard — that may help, but unfortunately, turning on soft limits in Grbl hasn’t worked out well from the support side of things.

I’m afraid we have to resort to the line from the old joke, “Don’t do that.” (but at least we’re not charging for the advice)

Ok thank you. That’s what I will be working on today. Thanks for everyone’s comments.

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