Z Axis Skipping

Hey all!

I recently purchase a Shapeoko 3 xl after some experimenting with cheaper cnc machining. I’m trying to make a wasteboard for myself, but I’m experiencing some skipping in the Z axis that despite checking the tightness of my Z assembly and running the default feeds & speeds from carbide motion, I can’t correct.

Here’s a video of the skipping:

Here’s my feeds and speeds, the default when you select #201/MDF, I didn’t change anything, which I noticed don’t match the image of recommend F&S from Carbide via their support forums?

I’ve been doing some test carving with different parts and thought I had finally locked in the tightening after I didn’t have any skipping carving into pine, so it was time to make the wasteboard, but now I’m getting errors all over again.

Not sure what else I can do past reassembling the Z array, which I’ve already done once? I’m elevating my stock so I’m not bottoming out, belt is tight, the nut at the bottom is tight, F&S are correct… I need help.

can you lift the Sweepy higher up than where it is now (leave a large gap between the brushes and the wasteboard if necessary), and retry ? Its brushes are notorious for being a little stiff.


… how did I not notice that!?! Thank you so much! That worked!


Dear new user. The Z-axis only has 18 pounds of downforce and can NOT compress the dust boot brush that much without missing some steps (Skipping)

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