Z-Axis start up issues

Completed assembly Shapeoko 4 xxl per instruction and upon start up the z-axis moves downward until error. Instruction is that the z-axis starts upward to the limit switch.

Connect to machine but do not initalize. Go to settings and do a congig. Select your machine in first tab, then on second tab leave BitSetter unchecked and automatic spindle control unchecked until you get initalized. Go back to first tab and send config. Select your machine and z axis (Z-plus) if that is your z axis.

The z going the wrong direction is almost always a config issue. After sending config try to initalize.

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Thank you for the input, the step you suggest are the exact steps that are laid out in the set up/assemble manual. I have performed this task several time and conducted a thorough inspect of the assembly and find no inconsistencies in the assembly instructions.

Problem solved, sold goods misrepresented. Shapeoko 3xxl not 4xxl. Thank you for your advise.

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