Z-Axis starts high from Fusion 360 file

I’m just getting started into the CNC world, but have experience in the autodesk modeling world and really want to utilize Fusion 360, But i can’t get the files to work properly. The program begins running at least 3/4" to high in the Z-axis on my machine. I have the BitZero and zero everything out properly, but no matter how i try it starts to high. I’ve ran programs the come from downloaded files and also carbite create files and they all work fine so it has to be my fusion file. Bowtie temp.nc (21.2 KB) I’ve attached the .nc file if that helps for anyone to look at. Thanks.

Almost always related to G28. You’re using a pay processor with G28 enabled. Do you have a G28 location set?

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I’m not sure about the G28. Don’t think that is anything i set? I’m going to look into that. Would that still be the problem even if when i run the simulation in Fusion it looks fine?

@N8Zirkle I’m sorry. I replied to a post you didn’t write…I must’ve been distracted. So, probably good to disable the G28 retracts, but that’s the solution to a different problem.
For the problem in your original post, the most likely answer is that you set your WCS zero at the Bottom of your stock while zeroing in real life at the top of your stock.

Sorry for the sidetrack…


Simple oversight. The zero was the issue. Thanks for the help.

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