Z axis tension guidance

If i manually pull down the cutter holder should the spring tension be enough to pull it back up?
I think i had the eccentric z to tight and just manually pulling down it seemed to get caught at a point and required a bit of force to get past that point.

The springs just need enough tension to prevent the carriage from dropping so fast and so far that it snaps off a delicate endmill or gouges a piece.

I assume you’re doing this with power off? You’re just trying to offset the weight of the router.
You say “seemed to get caught at a point” - what got caught?

yes with power off, As i was pulling down it got to a point of stronger resistance. i loosened the eccentric screws a bit and it went away.

If it gets tighter and loosening the eccentrics makes it go away, something is either 1) loose or 2) out of square. Everything the wheels ride on should be perfectly parallel. Check that the two rails on the Z axis are actualyl parallel - it’s possible for them to not be (they are bolted to the plate) and adjust them so things don’t tighten as you move the carriage. You shouldn’t get a “binding point” with the Z axis.

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