Z Axis Trouble on my Shapeoko 3xxl

Z Axis Making a Chatting noise when i try to run a file. I have taken the Plate off cleaned it and replaced it . With the power off it moves freely up and down . i can do the homing and most times it does not chatter i can manually jog the z axis up and down with no problem , when i go to fun a file its wanting to move up but it can not . I can cut the power to the machine off and it is able to move freely . The Belt Does not seem to be slipping but that is what it sounds like . sounds like its slipping on the motor. if anyone can help guide me in the right direction . Thank You in Advance

check set screws in stepper motor pulley

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Thank you for the reply. I did go and check the gear on the motor and it seemed a little off center of the spline of the motor , so i pulled it off and centered it back up and tighten it back up. tried again to run a file and it did the same thing ( chattered on the Z Axis when running the file ). i noticed that it was trying to drill strait down when it chattered . drilling strait down was not part of the file i was running . i removed carbide create and carbide motion programs and files in windows then reinstalled both . i then ran a file that i had created earlier and it ran fine , as far as i can tell.

i do think a file corruption was the part of the problem. i did download and try the unstable versions. i reinstalled carbide create 3.16 .

thank you


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