Z axis troubleshoting

Question I have a 3 xxl shapeoko, when I use the standard values ​​for the steps of the axes x = 40, y = 40 and z = 40. My z axis advances 3 times more than it should and I have to put it in z = 12, this is normal someone else has this or a similar configuration or how I fix it.
I have checked the tension of the belts, eccentric screws and everything appears fine.
Any ideas?

That is not normal.

Please send a photo of your controller and Z-axis to support@carbide3d.com

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Are you running g-code or manually jogging? Do you get the same result when doing both? Make sure you are not mixing up inches and millimeters…

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Listo gracias en estos días lo pasó

En ambos casos me hace la mismo es solo el eje z es muy extraño

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