Z axis won't go down far enough

I haven’t used my Shapoko xxl with the HDZ for over a year. It was working fine when I last shut it down. I have a new computer and am setting the computer and Shapoko up again. All is fine except my z axis won’t go down far enough - it stops about two inches above the board. It’s not a mechanical issue as the setup is still the same as when I last shut it down a year ago. I do have a Bitsetter, but have not selected that option yet. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Try going to settings>machine tab and send configuration for the machine (make sure to select the HDZ) and do the same for machine travel (set defaults).
If that doesn’t clear it up, take a picture/video and post in here and also send in a support e-mail.

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Thanks for your suggestions, Josh. I’ve attached a couple of screenshots of sent configuration. Not sure if they uploaded. The z axis still travels smoothly down to within about 2" then stops.

Can you send a picture of the machine as well? Also one showing the axis moving as far down.

Does the readout in carbide motion show the Z-axis as having stopped?
Are you able to turn off the machine and move the z-axis down? I don’t have an HDZ here, but I believe in the past I could rotate the screw/motor connection to move the z-axis manually.

I don’t know how to check the readout, but yes, I can easily screw the Z-axis all the way down to the table. There is something in the code that is telling it to stop where it does.

When the Shapeoko initializes the jog function is limited by the configuration sent by CM. So if the HDZ can physically go further than you can jog recheck your configuration. The first tab you set the machine type Shapeoko XXL and HDZ Z type. Then in the second tab you can turn off automatic spindle control (BitRunner and/or Spindle) and turn off BitSetter. You can go back and set those up when you have the machine initialized properly. Be sure to send the configuration in the first tab.

When you send the config you are partially setting up the Shapeoko but primarily you are setting up CM to run your Shapeoko.

There are 3 types of Z axis. 1st is the old Belt Z, 2nd is the Z-Plus refereed as Lead Screw, and 3rd is the HDZ referred to as Ball Screw. If during the initial initialization your Z goes down you picked the wrong Z type. The Belt Z and HDZ run the opposite direction from a Z-Plus. So make sure you pick Shapeoko XXL, HDZ and you are asked again before sending configuration. The first think that happens when you initialize is the Z axis goes up and activates the Z homing switch. Then the gantry moves the Z axis to the back right corner. After homing if the BitSetter is activated it moves to the front center and asks for a bit. Then the router moves over to the BitSetter and probes. Then the router returns to the front center. At that point initialization is complete. If the Bittsetter is not set up then the initialization moves to the back right corner and after homing is complete it just sits there waiting for you.

Be sure you are on CM 566. Some older versions of CM had the configuration parameters messed up. You can go to carbide3d.com and at the bottom of the page is a link to get the latest CM and CC.

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