Z axis, Z 0, seems to change

Is there a certian sequence I need to use for setting up my X,Y, and Z axis, seems I can set my Z-0 and then it seems to change after I start job, tool goes to bit setter and z is different when I start Job. It may not be from bit setter but something is changing.


What is your order of operations?

The Bit-Setter is a terrific tool, if you are using it correctly. If you are changing your tool without selecting the option in CM, then the machine will have no idea where you set your Z height.

I use the Bit-Zero to set X,Y, and Z then start job, with correct cutter in spindle for job, then it goes over to Bit setter and back, start spindle and start job.

Go back all the way to turning on the machine.

Are you switching the tool after the initial “initialization”, without telling CM you are changing a tool? Also, how do you have your Z-Zero set in the gcode?

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Not sure what you by how I set Z zero in G code, You mean top of part or waste board? Top of work piece is what I set.

The BitSetter is comparing the current bit to the LAST time you set z zero. That is all it does. So if you change bits without using change tool or during initialization the new bit is being set to the last z zero and depending how far the stick out is that can incorrectly set the bit. It is ok to put the bit in you want to use for the upcoming job during initialization but you must zero before running a job.

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That may explain it, When I start a job even if I need to change tools I don;t use “change tool” I have just started job knowing its going to come out and then go to bit setter so i just chang tools then but not using change tool.command, hope that make sense.

When you initialize the machine this tells CM where the end of the tool is currently at. So if you change the tool without selecting the “change tool” option, then CM believes the end of the tool is at one point, but the actual end of the tool is at a different location.

So when you “zero” with the Bit-Zero, it will never be accurate. You must “Change Tool” every time you change the tool.

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Here’s what happens to me:
Initialize machine goes to back right.
It then comes to front center and prompts for a tool. Insert the BitZero probe tool.
It then goes to the BitSetter.
I utilize BitZero XYZ. Holding the BitZero because it moves it a little when probe tool bumps into it.
I run file and it prompts for the bit. Insert bit.
It goes back to BitSetter. Then it fires up and starts the job.
And I have had it come up too short, too deep, or just right.
I have even done the jog to current XY and Z +6mm to check and still have it go wrong when I start the job.
BitSetter runs just fine mid-program tool changes.

Thank you all for helping me out I now have a better understanding. i will change my approach and see what happens…Thanx

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