Z-Axis Zeroing Issues When Enabling/Disabling BitSetter

Hi all,

I’ve been using the BitSetter for a while, and generally find it works great. However, there are some workflows where I don’t want to or can’t use it (for example, when using a spring-loaded diamond drag bit, or when using a surfacing bit that is too large for the probe). In order to use these bits, I generally uncheck the “BitSetter Enabled” checkbox in Machine Settings → Options, insert the bit I want to use, re-home the machine, and then re-zero the machine (generally by manually jogging to location and setting zeros on all axes); I then typically confirm the zero is accurate by using the rapid to current x-y and rapid to current z +5mm features. But, for some reason, when I actually load a new file and run a new job, the Z-axis zero is always off by several inches (that is, it is not the same Z I just confirmed was accurate using the rapid position setting). Only after cancelling the job, watching the machine slowly re-home itself, and then re-zeroing again, will the machine use the correct Z axis zero.

Not sure if this is just me, but it’s a real pain, given how much I love diamond drag engraving!

For reference, I’m running Carbide Motion 537 for Linux on a Raspberry Pi

I’ve found it’s best to quit out of Carbide Motion, reload it, then reinitialize after disabling or enabling the BitSetter — this ensures that the machine starts from a known state.


New to this myself with no CNC background so I have a question or two for you.
The one thing I found was found and cleared a lot of confusion up for me was the tutorial on Tool Changes.

Now bare with me, I’m confused with

When you say this are speaking with respect to the X-Y and Z coordinates when you touch off for Job Zero or the physical Z location that Z moves to once the job starts? I only ask because doesn’t the X-Y location change the Z once the things are put into motion. Or are you referring to height of Z when the job starts.

As I said I only ask for my own edification. Maybe Will can chime in too?

Or, you could try “Clear all offsets” in the ZERO menu. Might work. :wink:

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