Z Code Problems

Good evening;
Why would I have to set my material stock thickness way more than it actually is to get my machine to cut all the way through? I zeroed our the z code on top of the material. Thanks for any help.

Either wrong calibration of Z-axis steps/mm or a mechanical issue (check the usual suspects: pulley set screw, belt tension (if applicable), eccentric nuts/V wheels, remove a spring, &c.).

Which Z-axis?

Has it ever worked correctly for you…is this something new, old problem…?


Thank you, brand new user. I kept changing the thickness on my material thinking the bit would plunge deeper. Stupid me didn’t change the depth on the bit itself. This is so unlike anything I have ever attempted. I’m a brick layer and job superintendent by trade. I love having this community to work with, all of you are so helpful.

Thanks Richard, I got it figured out. I wasn’t changing the depth of my bit. I’m new to all of this. Thanks for your help.


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