Z is suddenly off

I’ve been cutting aluminum recently with good success but today I’ve been encountering issues with Z going too deep even after zeroing twice with the probe. here is the first cut going too deep in the wasteboard.

after I caught this, I reset my z with the probe and then later the machine took a dump:

I made these exact cut yesterday without any issues and double checked the cutting parameters and don’t see a reason for this in the code.

I just checked the set screws and v wheels for anything loose but they are good and tight. the v-belts appear to be in good tension as well… Not sure where to go from here apart from running the program again and see if it continues to have this problem.

I just ran again briefly and am finding it is cutting .025 deep when tool parameters are set for .015 depth per pass. :man_shrugging: My z probe appears to be working just fine too.

Please check your Z-axis motor wiring and connectors — if there’s nothing obvious to address there or mechanically, check in at support@carbide3d.com and we’ll do our best to assist.

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My guess is that your bit slipped within the collet, and there is no problem with your CNC.

If it were slipping wouldn’t it slip in the opposite direction and go up? I’ve been keeping an eye on it and making sure it’s extra tight

If you use an upcut endmill, the orientation of the spiral flutes make it prone to be pulled downwards/into the cut.

When in doubt, draw a line with a marker on the endmill shaft where it exits the collet.
Make sure the collet and taper are dust free, sometimes tightening hard is of no use if there are debris stuck in the collet/taper.

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As @Julian stated, it’s not just getting it tight it is also about keeping the collet clean. Something that I have learned is a hard thing to do. Got a fresh battle scar just this weekend…

And for those who spotted the patch in the background, yes I pour left over resin in my wasteboard battle scars.


So I think I’ve found out what is happening… the aluminum panel I’m cutting this time around isn’t as perfectly flat as the previous one. I’m using lots of tape to try to to get all to stick at the same level and have found that if I probe from the highest point it will cut just fine. I was probing for z in the middle of the panel and the upper right side was ever so slightly lifted up causing the jam to take place there…


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