Z Limit Slot on the Control Board has no power

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I just got my machine, Z Limit plugin on the board not working. I’ve plugged the Y and X into the Z spot and they also won’t work. I’ve plugged the Z into Y and it works. Convinced it’s the port on the board. I think it is upside down. The clip is on the top on the Y and X, but it’s on the bottom on the Z.

I have submitted an email to customer support.

Is the picture still uploading as I can’t see it

It’s there now, thanks for looking

Yes sir
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it does look like your board has the Z limit switch connector soldered the wrong way around. The three useful signals for Z should be the top right three (5V/GND/Z), which would be the case if the connector had the correct orientation.
Support will fix this for you

Can I just pop those three wires out and move them, or are they glued into that plastic clip.

Not glued but clipped (the pins have little barbs holding them in place in the connector), and as far as I know there is no way to remove them without breaking them. Support may tell you to pull them out anyway, while you wait for replacement parts, but do wait to hear from them…

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