Z-Plate is a bully on the X axis!

Hi All!

This morning I went to HOME my SO3 XL.
Then I put it trough the motions using Rapid Position.
For some reason the 0 location seems an inch off center.
Also, the z-plate is traveling to far in both X positive and X Negative directions, resulting the Z-plate slamming into both Y Rails.

When I looked at SETTINGS I noticed in some RED LETTERS announcing very proudly that it was NOT HOMED.

I have searched the forums for 10 minutes and am thinking that I am using the incorrect terms to find the information that I need to get back up and running this morning.

Is there a trouble shooting chart, similar to many product manuals, that spells out the steps and info needed to quickly right a situation? If not, maybe, we could all get together and create one?

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: I use the SUCKIT dust boot/dustshoe, the last version, not the current version.

I believe you need to configure homing. Please see:

Do you know if I should adjust the Table setting in MDI so that the dust boot is not slamming into the Y-RAILS on both sides?

I did — kept adjusting it until I got the center perfectly centered.

Not sure why the suggested values are so large.

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I see, so to adjust the x and y would I change the values (distances) within the MDI by clicking and typing in new values? Would I then need to save or do anything after to make the values stick, so to speak? Thanks!

No, the assignment seems to be persistent for that install of Carbide Motion.

Part of your problem in searching for an answer on the forum and not finding one could be the cute titles people use.
Like “Z-plate is a bully on the X axis!” instead of " having trouble homing machine" or “machine parameters”.
I’m not trying to be an ass but… it would make life easier for you and even the next guy if technical topics had appropriate titles. It would seem as though Will is giving you some good advice, good luck Ray

Hi ray,

Don’t worry, my skin is usually thick and sometimes my skull is too in regards to things that are new to me or outside my discipline.

You could be correct about how we title the subjects. I don’t know exactly how this forum does its searches… I would think that the message content is more important than titles when searching the forum?? I don’t know.

The vocabulary is not always available to people new to CNC machining. So, they use attention grabbing titles. There are times when the “cute title” was more clear in layman terms. But that is another topic altogether. I agree though, that it is confusing for people with more experience to try and decipher what newby’s are trying to ask or explain.

Will Adams is very helpful and quite reasonable, that I appreciate very much.


So, given that the Table X and Table Y values are both persistent at 850mm, then the Rapid Position functions will cause the SUCKIT dust boot on the Z-Axis Plate to collide into the steel plates at both ends of the X-Axis Extrusion at 3 locations, and possibly 6 locations? (the left and right sides). There is no way to adjust these values as needed?

upgrade kit

Do you mean that the upgrade kit, that I ordered around lunch time today (PST) should mitigate the rail contact issue?

Yes i get full travel with mine and no crashes

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Mine is currently unbolted from the machine to get the dial indicator mounted or i would have made you a quick vid,bet there are a few vids on you tube if you want to see it in action.