Z plunges down after Initialize

Just received my electronics cabinet back from repair, hooked everything back up to the HDM…connected the machine to carbide motion and hit “Initialize”. The Z immediately plunges straight down into the waste board. It doesn’t jog X or Y first like normnal…it just goes straight down and I have to turn the machine off before it crashes.

I thought I saw another post where this had happened…but I can’t find it now.

Any ideas as to what’s happening?

Totally my bad. I didn’t realize I had to re-send config data to the machine from Carbide Motion. After I did that, everything is functioning good.


You had it in for the spindle issue right? How long did that take to repair?

For others reference in the future searching on the forum.

The Z Plus runs the opposite direction from the original Belt Z and the HDZ so when during initialization your Z move down it is 99.9999% of the time the configuration needs to be sent.

To start initialization the Z moves up and hits the homing switch. After that is completed the machine moves to the right rear corner. Depending on which axis gets there first the X and Y position are homed and then the machine moves a few MM off the position where the homing switch is actuated.

The configuration is important to the machine but in reality you are mostly configuring Carbide Motion. The machine knows what it is but CM uses a default configuration when initially installed and/or upgraded. So always send the configuration on new machines and if you freshly upgraded your CM.

Some people are confused about what Z they have. The Z-Plus is refereed to as lead screw and the HDZ is referred to as Ball Screw.

To send your configuration “Connect to Cutter”. Do not initialize. Go to settings and on mine the second tab shows up first (mileage varies). This tab you turn off automatic spindle control and the BitSetter. You can configure these things after the initial initialization. Then go to the first tab and set your machine type and Z type. Then SEND CONFIGURATION. Setting the setting without sending the config will not send your configuration and CM will continue to run on a default configuration.

After you get initialized you can jog your router to the BitSetter and set the location in the configuration dialog box. You can reference the BitSetter instructions for the complete instructions. If you have a BitRunner you can turn that on after initial initialization.

Yea, I had the spindle lock out button stop working. Sent it in and it took about a week. Pretty quick actually. Support has always been great…at least for me.

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