Z-Plus Installation

My Z-Plus just arrived from Fedx. Is it 5:00 yet so I can go play???


We’re working on the upgrade instructions — if you have a recent machine (one with the drag chain mounting bracket holes), you should be able to just disassemble and reassemble using the instructions:

If you have an older machine, e-mail support@carbide3d.com and we should be able to dig out at least a draft copy.

I bought my XXL in March, but I don’t think it has the drag chain holes.

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My Z Plus arrives Monday, and my XL doesn’t have drag chain mounting bracket holes either. I’ll probably drill and tap holes rather than using the stick-on gizmos to attach the brackets.


That’s I good idea. I might need to investigate.

what version of carbide motion should I use with the z-plus?

Please use version 4.17 or later with the Z-Plus.


The current versions are CC=4.74 and CM=5.13. Since your machines is relatively new you will probably not need to update firmware but check it. When you get it assembled be sure you go into the configuration and check the Z-Plus and any other accessories you have like BitSetter and/ BitRunner.

You can get the most current versions by going to the carbide3d.com and at the bottom of the web page there are links for CC and CM. I think CC requires you to input an email and you will get an email with the link for the SW. Recommend you start with the most current SW.


I can attest to this being very important. After getting everything back together and powered up I could not figure out why the Z-Plus was homing down and not up to the limit switch. Then it occurred to me - Settings! So before initializing the machine, change the Z setting from belt to Z-Plus and uncheck the BitSetter. Then initialize. Then go back and re-set the location of the BitSetter.

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