Z-plus or standard Z

I got sick and tired of messing with my workbee to get it to cut right, so i sold it and am going to pull the trigger on a xxl. right now i only cut wood and plastics, but might move into some light aluminum cutting. should i just spring for the z-plus or stay with the standard z axis?

The standard z axis is considered by many around here to be the “weakest link” of a stock machine. I would definitely spring for the Z-plus.

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Not sure but I thought new systems were being shipped with zplus. Check store.

The z plus is an extra addd on you can get when purchasing a new machine. I would decently go for the s plus. I’m chopping at the bits waiting for them to get the z plus in for us to order.

Get the Z plus. If you’re going to be using Carbide Motion then you should also get the bitsetter. If you don’t get them now then you’ll be getting them later.

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Does the Z-plus give you additional Z height or is it just a replacement of belt-driven with screw-driven?

No additional travel, just greater rigidity, and finer movement on the Z-axis with the lead screw rather than the belt.

I’m going to go with the z plus. I will eventually get the bitsetter, I already have the touch plate. I’m just looking forward to not have to adjust as many wheels, and something a little more user friendly.

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