Z probe/ touch plate

Hey everyone I have a motherboard that is a skr pro and I’m using carbide create for my unit. Lately I was trying to get a precise spot to use my touch plate.
How do I go about fixing this matter do I need carbide motion since I already have my cutout ready to what depth and speed?

Lets talk apples and oranges.

  1. BitZero - This accessory is often refered to as a touch plate by other CNC companies. It is a moveable alumniumn block with a magnet that attaches to the router bit. When Carbide Motion is prompted to go into “Probe” mode the router bit comes down until it touches the top of the BitZero top and that completes an electrical circuit and signals CM the coordinates where the bit touched the BitZero.

  2. BitSetter - This accessory is in a fixed location and the user jogs to that location and in Carbide Motion that position is permanently set. The BitSetter is used by gcode commands to probe a bit during homing and sets your Z zero from the last time it was physically set by the operator. Then during jobs if the job has multiple bits you are prompted on screen for the bit by number and the router comes to the front center and waits for the bit change. Then the new bit is probed and there is an offset to the internal machine coordinates is made relative to the last known Z zero position.

Both of the functions of BitZero and BitSetter are handled by Carbide Motion. Carbide Motion will not attach itself to anything but a C3D machine.

Other gcode senders usually have a macro that does the same function as CM but the user must set up all the dimensions of the various probes. But the same function is created that there is usually an internal coordinate system on your CNC and the probing is then making some sort of offset to that coordinate system.

So long answer short, no CM will not work with others machines.


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