Z probing is off

I’m getting a lot of tool markings on my flag… it’s becoming quite annoying to clean all this up especially around the stars where if I mess up I’ll chip a corner. I’ve been probing in the Z access so you’d think I’d be able to get it perfect the first time. I removed the cut out and I hate putting it back after it’s done. Any gurus suggestions out there?? I know I’ll always have to do some clean up. But if I can avoid something like this in the future it’ll be great.

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For pine the big thing I’ve found is to leave a roughing clearance, then take a finishing pass — just cheating the depth and re-running the last toolpath can work.

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one thing to check is work holding

a while ago I got similar marks suddenly … and it turned out the wood was warping right under me as a result of cutting…


What is the squadron patch? Without the paint it is a little hard for me to recognize. It looks like a bird holding a cannon or gattlin gun. I was in the 5041 Tac Ops Squadron that became the 12th Fighter Squadron in Alaskan Air Command. We had F4 and out sister squadron the 43rd has just began to get the F15. The F4 is proof that if you give a brick enough power it can fly.

It’s the 314 Aircraft Maintenance Unit patch. I was actually stationed in Alaska and crewed the F-15 up there. I left when they upgraded to the F-22. I made this clock for a going away. It’s a better picture of the patch.


That’s what I normally do if I haven’t moved it too much. I don’t know, it just gives me the heebiee jeebies to play with it after I remove it from the machine. Any ways I tried it and it worked like a champ no marking and very little clean up. I got very lucky this time to be honest :sweat_smile:.

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