Z - zero problem on Shapeoko XXL

I’ve seen a few posts similar to the issue I’m experiencing but not identical I think…
What happens is that I create a project in Carbide Create, write out the gcode file, mount a board onto my XXL, load the file into Carbide Motion, jog to the workpiece (usually lower left corner), set zeros, and start the job. Most of the time, the z-zero is off. If it’s high, no problem since nothing is cut. I reset z=zero, this time it “holds”, and the carve works ok. If it is LOW however, the bit digs in deep and bad things can happen. It happens so frequently now that I am ready to shut down the machine. And since I don’t trust it, I generally recheck z every time now before letting the spindle cunt anything. FYI - I upgraded to the screw-drive Z recently, but it did this before I did that, and still now. Also, i sometimes use the bit-zero to set zeros, but not usually, and it happens either way. I must be doing something wrong…

Hi @LEBaril,

This is usually due to one of the following:

  • not having the Z zero set where it was declared it would be in the design file (e.g. declared on stock bottom in CC project setup, but probing on top, or the reverse situation)
  • not using the probe correctly when probing Z only (i.e. it needs to rest fully on the stock surface then, not overhang the corner)
  • having a BitSetter and not following the proper workflow when swapping tools.

I’m afraid the only way to troubleshoot this will be for you to make very detailed notes of your actions, to tell us under which specific conditions the problem occurred.

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First - sorry for the typo :roll_eyes:. I would edit it if I knew how…
I will make detailed notes at my next project. I take it no one else is experiencing the same issue. I will do a project this weekend and detall the setup

Hi Larry,

Actually it’s an issue we see reported regularly here, but it usually ends up being one of those three things I mentioned (there are some gotchas in the process, it’s easy to get caught). The folks here have an eagle eye for spotting what you might be doing wrong, when you report back with details of what you did and saw. And then again it could be a real hardware or even software issue (but most often it isn’t).


What is the proper work flow protocol with a Bitsetter and Bit Zero v2?

Initialize the machine, insert a tool, allow the BitSetter to measure the tool, set zero with the BitZero according to the instructions, then only change tools when prompted, or by using the Tool Change button.

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