Zbrush Art and Milling Experiments

Hello Guys , Hope you all are doing very good and all your projects are going great,
Just wanted to share some art done with zbrush and milled with a shapeoko, thanks to the boss of the local woodworking shop here for giving me permission to play with his machine and thanks to the local sawmill for allowing me to pick up the wood scraps for my art/projects,hope you like them,
personally i am really loving milling!Shapeoko 3 is a great machine!


Wow, very impressive. It would be interesting if you could document your process, I’m sure many of us would like to learn from you. What did you start with and how did you proceed?

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Thanks a lot for liking the work , if people are interested i will put together a picture tutorial in the future , but mostly its sculpting the stuff in a software called zbrush and then exporting the stl to mill it out.


Evocative of H.R. Giger’s work — very cool!

The ZBrush folks made an older program freely available, try:


Discussion at:


Pretty sic stuff. I like it. I like the way you mounted the skulls on the black ground off center creating even more drama in the presentation. Too many people make things so matchey matchey and symmetrical that in the end it detracts from their work.

Are these your original concepts of artwork or did you find the artwork and modify it to your liking. Either way that are very nice.

P.S. Are those chain mail gloves or carving gloves to keep from being cut?

Very nice. I was also reminded of H.R. Giger’s work. What software did you use to mill it out?


Thanks a lot for linking my work! Most are my own designs, some characters like the devilman kamen and bAtou are inspired by the Japanese manga characters but my take on them,
The gloves are carving gloves :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks! I used meshcam to generate tool paths and carbide motion to run the gcode


another one done


You friend, are an artist! Love the mounting and staining! Mess cam huh? So awesome! Thank you for sharing!

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yeah but can you do something worth looking at please… :slight_smile:

Outstanding work would love to see your workflow, i love the firefly my favorite, with that small accent of turquoise, sir i shake your virtual hand.

I then walk away to the workshop look at my SO3 and ask why the hell it is not helping me produce beautiful items like this, what is that SO3?, NO! SO3 a full size cow does not cut it!" ROFL


No puppies or kittens here.

Very impressive.

whoa. super awesome! and would love to see some process stuff…
how long do those pieces take to carve and with what tool?
super cool!