Zero moves when connecting different computer

I don’t know if this is an issue as I’m a new owner but I use an old MacBook Pro as my computer to operate my Shapeoko. I was in the middle of a project when I realized that I had a hole that did not go through. I used my MacBook Pro to make the change in Easel then produced the GCode file for this. Since I did not want to transfer the file to my old MacBook, I simply connected the new MacBook to the Shapeoko, re-homed and checked the Zero. It was significantly off.

The question is: I thought that the zero was set in the controller, not the computer so it would remain constant until you change it; is this as designed or a glitch?

The offsets are held in the computer, not the machine so the zero will change if you move to a new computer.


Thank you Rob for confirming this

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