"Zero Not Set" Popup

I’ve been meaning to ask the community about this popup:

Zero Not Set

Normally (95% of the time) I write down (or take a photo) of my XYZ 0 location, but there have been a few times where I failed, and combine this with the popup window, one where I KNOW which button to press (The Big Lie Button that says CONTINUE WITHOUT SETTING ZERO) because I set my XYZ0 yesterday…and BAM…I accidentally clicked on the LEFT Button…I’ve lost my 0 location. Ouch!

So what is the history behind this popup?

And let’s vote: Who likes it, and Who hates it?

Maybe I am like a farmer…alone in my field…


It’s a great dialog when you are new, but I agree that it gets in the way once you know what you are doing… and I too have clicked the wrong button.


Programmers think there are only two ways to do anything!

Why in the hell can’t CM have a “BEGINNER” mode?


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