Zero Probe off by +0.7mm in Z axis after retool

Hey fellow CNC enthusiasts. I have a Shapeoko XXL with a limit switch kit and zero probe. I had initial problems with my zero probe because of not setting the probe on top of the project to reset z after my tool change. Will from Carbide 3D Support was kind enough not to call me an idiot in his email response to me explaining how the probe works. After reading the directions in the link Will provided and trying out the proper procedure I still find that my z zero is consistently off by +0.7mm. I tried just probing z on the top of my spoil board today and found the same result. This without ever moving my machine in either x or y.

Has anyone else experienced this? I received my probe in either April or May of this year after it being unavailable for some time. Would like to know if this is a machining defect, software/firmware issue or me being an idiot again.

My probe appears to measures 25mm overall thickness and the cutout for x,y and z corner zero is 22mm.

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Those are the correct dimensions.

It may be that you need to calibrate for belt stretch:

Will, thank you for the quick response. I do hope you are paid well for the support you provide. You do a great job!

On this topic, I have no problem with doing the z test in your recommended link. Though, I do not see how that will prove anything. I re-tension’ed my z belt yesterday to see if it made any difference. Which it did not. Considering before re-tension the belt I was +0.7mm off and after re-tension it was exactly the same. There was no deviation.

If belt stretch and the machined size of the probe is not the problem then I would have to go back to programming. I am running version 4.0.016 of Motion.

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@tkarlie How are you measuring the 0.7mm? If you probe Z then jog to Z24.4, does the the probe fit under?


I have had this same exact issue. I bought the touch probe a few months ago too.

I haven’t taken the time to figure it out and went back to the paper method.

Please contact us at and we’ll do our best to work this out with you.


hate to do the “same here” thing but I also went back to the paper method since the probe was not accurate enough, for cuts with very thin bits the first few cuts became “air cuts” and the cut was just not to the desired depth.

Anyone who has difficulty with their Probe, please contact us at and we’ll do our best to work this out.

Mine is also out. I haven’t measured it yet, but when I use it on xyz it’s depth is perfect. When I just use it as a z (and it’s sitting on top not hanging over) I’m out by half a mm or so.

It would be really nice to just be able to adjust the depths in the software. I realise this means you could use any probe and carbide won’t want that though.

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