Zero'ing post and tool change measuring

I wrote a tutorial about over sized drawings. In that I told about a post in the front of my waste board that “centers” the multiple panels I often cut. This post in combination with an alignment hole also maintains the Zero from panel to panel after flipping it for double sided cutting. So I cut a square corner into the top of the post for X and Y axis zero’ing with the probe. The picture should be self explainative. I also put aluminum tape on the top so when I change tools I have a reference point to probe with, Estlcam has a change tool measuring command, you "reference the 1st tool (to the top of the post) and than measure the new tool (to the top of the post) and Estlcam maintains Z based on the new tool length. This is a probing feature which I use with aluminum tape. In the picture ,you probably can’t see a small slice in the edge of the waste board that aligns the post for replacing if I have to remove it.

Maybe a little crude, but it works. Making it better for cheap, this is what happens when you watch the machine slowly resurface all morning and relax and wonder…Jude