Zigzag surface - how to carve

I would like to create a surface that is zigzagged, in other words rows of 90 degree v grooves. The grooves can be exactly the size of my 90 degree bit #301. I think I am nearly there but I suspect I am doing it wrong.

I’ve created a box for each groove i.e. 10 inches height and 1/2 inch wide, so 20 of these boxes all touching each other. If I select them all and choose Vcarve it doesn’t work because it thinks I want one big box. So I have to create 20 vcarve toolpaths, one for each groove. Is there a better way?

Screenshot 2021-01-17 at 21.27.41

You have to do alternate pairs:


splines.c2d (126.2 KB)

How about using a facing toolpath?

Here’s an online generator.

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