Any information on carbide connect?

(Daniel Loughmiller) #1

I’ve read the recent blog updates but not sure if I missed something or just can’t find what I’m interested in regarding Carbide Connect. I’m interested in adding a physical jog controller so I can do some light manual milling operations, and was curious if we expect the Carbide Connect hardware to support this in any meaningful way, or if it’s strictly going to be accepting instructions from networked computers. Trying to figure out the best place to ‘insert’ the manual controls and that kind of muddies the waters. My original plan was to try to generate simple gcode with an arduino or something similar but I’d rather use ‘official’ hardware to get as close to the machine as possible, and it sounds like Carbide Connect would do that if there’s any kind of inputs for such controls.

(mikep) #2

It looks like the carbide connect product will be running carbide motion v4, so it might be a good idea to ask for those features in V4.

Seriously…looking forward to the probe, but haven’t heard anything since last fall Hey, @ApolloCrowe, anything coming?