Anyone going to Maker Faire Orlando?

(mark robinson) #1

Anyone planning on going?

(Bill Johnes) #2

Hmm…might be time to go visit family down that way!

(Luke) #3

Are these any good? I’ve never been to one before but there is one happening over in the UK, didn’t know if I should get some tickets…

(Jeremy Fischer) #4

Absolutely. I’ve gone the last 2 years, so I won’t miss this one. My wife works at Barnes & Noble and they do a mini-maker faire in early November, so I’ll actually be presenting at that in Melbourne. Last year’s highlights for me were the R2D2 builders club and the HG Wells Time Machine recreation.

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(Jeremy Fischer) #5

Depending on their size, they can be a little hit or miss, and it depends on what you like to build. I always think they’re worth a visit because of everyone’s enthusiasm for making all kinds of stuff. They’re also good for generating ideas or finding resources for your own projects.