Beginner Cutting 12mm Aluminium

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So according to the specs for the Nomad, it can cut maximum 6mm depth aluminium…

If I wanted to cut out a rectangle of 12mm aluminium, could I just do this in 2 steps cutting 6mm depth at a time on exactly the same tool path (but obviously with a different Z position). Are there any issues with doing this?


(William Adams) #2

The big problem is mounting an endmill w/ long enough cutting flutes.

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That is really interesting - I haven’t seen that specification. (Maybe I haven’t done enough reading?!?)

If @Apotessar is about I am sure he could give some input - he has worked some thick aluminium stock for his camera bodies

(William Adams) #4

Good point. The other consideration is part geometry.

I believe @Remmy still has the largest part on a Nomad though:

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