Can't open new log in V4 after hitting $H

(ray) #1

So, when I first start CM for the day it does it’s initial homing sequence when I click on jog.

I then click open log and one will open and work fine i.e. I can hit $$ and get my settings, I can $100=40.05, that works…

but the minute I type $H, it homes like it should but I lose all abilities to pull up a new log.

The old one just freezes at the homing command and if I shut the log down and open a “new” one it is actually

just the old on and once it gets to the line I typed the $h command on it stops.

I can clear it, open a new one, shut CM down and start it back up and still just keeps bring up that first log.

Starts at line 200 or so and will run till it hits the $h line.

NOW, if I shut it down and come back the next day it will work fine till I type my first $H!!! then its
GROUND HOG DAY all over again. What am I doing wrong??? Thanks Ray

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(William Adams) #2

Which version / build of Carbide Motion?

(ray) #3

V4 409, just downloaded it again after going back to V3 for a week. Also happens in V407, doesn’t happen in V3.

(ray) #4

Am I the only one have this problem?
Can any one else duplicate it by pulling up a log and running a home command $H?

(Luke) #5

I can’t run any commands from V4.09 on windows or Mac, $$ doesn’t work.

(ray) #6

Thank you. It is an easy work around once I get my machine calibrated right.