Carbide Create Tool LIbrary

(Loren Baric) #1

Looking at the Carbide Create Tool Library it looks like all the standard tools can not be edited.
I could add duplicates for some tools with my own settings, and that would be helpfill. Or add my own new tools

My question is what file are these tool settings stored in. If i add custom tool settings and need to reload carbide create i would not want to loose all my custom tool settings. Anyone know where the custom tool settings would be stored. What file and directory.

(William Adams) #2

Please see and for adding tools.

If you select a tool before clicking on “Add Tool” the selected tool will be used as a template for the new one.

There’s a post around here which details where the tools are stored, but it’s some binary blob format which isn’t easily editable. I’ve argued that we should use some sort of file like to the .tps files used for MeshCAM to share them: and am faintly surprised that there isn’t some industry-standard format for sharing tool definitions. Sad the duplicated effort of folks entering tools.

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