Carbide Motion 4 File Loading

(Dalton McKee) #1


I am attempting to carve a lithophane photo as a gift for a friend, but I am having issues getting Carbide Motion to load the .NC file. The lithophane STL file was loaded into MeshCam 6 where I generated the GCode as I normally would, but the .NC file will not load in Carbide Motion. I went back to MeshCam and saved the roughing and finishing passes as separate .NC files. Carbide Motion loads the roughing pass, but not the finishing pass. When I say it does not load, I am referring to the software simply not doing anything. No error message, indication something is in the works, nothing.

Any ideas? The only thing I can think of is maybe file size is too big? I would attach the .NC file, but it is quite large. The finishing pass is 4.2MB in a ZIP folder… 13.2 MB uncompressed.

Thank you in advance

(William Adams) #2

That should work, but if it doesn’t send it in to and someone there will look into it.

In the meanwhile you can use some other comm / control program, either revert back to CM3:

or one of the ones here: (there are notes on which ones work well w/ large files)