Carbide Motion 408 out?

(Patricio Suarez) #1

The link to update not working for me. Anyone else?

(Patricio Suarez) #2

Nobody?. Hello?. My mind is thinking 408 is out, will the touch probe follow very soon?. The suspense is killing me. It states that it was uploaded on the 12th of June.

(Patricio Suarez) #3

I’m starting to get the feeling that I’m being ignored. :cry:

(mikep) #4

If it makes you feel better, you’re not ignored, I just don’t have something constructive to say :slight_smile:

(William Adams) #5

I was kind of surprised at the pushing out of Carbide Create 290 — not sure what that implies for other announcements, such as presumably CM 408, a release of CM4, the Carbide Probe, &c.

(Patricio Suarez) #6

I was joking about feeling ignored. You guys rock!!. I am so impatiently waiting for the probe!!!

(Leith) #7

me too! and I’m not ignoring you Patricio

(Patricio Suarez) #8

Any news on CM4.0.8?. Why am I getting the update link on CM4.0.407?. It says it was uploaded on June 12. Anyone else getting this and finding it strange?. Carbide3D, please, a morsel of info?.

(Dustin Betterly) #9

Checking on this as well! The link in CM takes you no where, and when I try to CM408 online, its no where to be found.

(William Adams) #10

A lot of the documentation online has gotten updated to CM4, so I suspect we’ll have something on this pretty soon, but no word beyond that.

(Steve Tomas) #11

Check out my post for hints on where to find it. It seems to be working pretty well for me, with the exception that my work extents are changed, and 408 does not allow one to change it (haven’t trying going directly to grbl yet).