Carbide Motion software on windows xp? how to

(Evan Benzacar) #1

Carbide Motion software on windows xp? how to.

(William Adams) #2

I’m afraid that Carbide Motion isn’t supported on Windows XP — the install can be run there, and that’s how one gets the driver installed, but the program itself probably won’t run (it used to run on Vista FWIW)…

You can run the program to install the driver, and then use one of the opensource communication / control programs: or a commercial option: — current favourites are:

  • Universal G-code Sender — for folks who use Java
  • bCNC — old-school option for folks who like Python
  • ChiliPeppr — for folks who don’t mind their software in the cloud
  • EstlCAM — for folks who want commercial software w/ CAM baked in
  • IntelliG-Code

That said, my suggestion would be to just buy an inexpensive Windows tablet and use that.

(Phil Thien) #3

Have any Windows tablets been testing by the community and found to work well?

(William Adams) #4

I had good luck with an Asus VivoTab Note 8 running Windows 8.1 (before the digitizer went out), and currently use a Toshiba Encore 2 Write 10 as my main machine.

Before that, I used a Fujitsu Stylistic ST4121 — still haul it out when I want to work on the back deck in the sun — despair of ever replacing it.

A few other configurations are listed at:

(Evan Benzacar) #5

thanks for the details.

i currently run another software in the same area on the XP PC so i was trying to consolidate everything on one machine, but it looks like i must go shopping.