CC305: #201 endmill shows up as 2-flute in tool library?

(Julien Heyman) #1


I just realized that even though the #201 1/4" endmill that I received with my Shapeoko has 3-flutes, the CC library declares it as a 2-flute (mistake or outdated specs ?), and this is not visible until editing the library and checking the specs on the #201 tab, so it is very easy to miss. I am currently using a freshly installed build 305, but previous releases have the same issue.

If I am correct that means for my milling tests with this #201, my actual chipload was 33% less than what it should have been for the RPM/feedrate values in CC. Not a big deal, but still a bit confusing.

I see this was reported earlier (Tool Library discrepancies in CC 290), and I’m sure there are tons of things on the todo list of future CC releases, but this is the one endmill that ships with the machine and CC is the go-to solution for beginners, so it should be correct :slight_smile:

(Edward Ford) #2

This has been noted. Thanks for the report!