Changing the feed rate while cutting

(Jeff Peters) #1

I want to know how the change the feed rate on the fly works in the new CM4
when you increase the rate in one tool and you load another tool is that increase moved tothe new tool as well.
Does it need to be reset from one start up to another
If you have to reset it how do you do that.

(William Adams) #2

The increase in feed rate applies to all movements, not just the current tool, and is persistent, while the application is running until changed.

(Richard Cournoyer) #3


Have you even used the software?

You don’t use multiple tools on a single program (99.999% of the time), so the answer is self answered.

(Jeff Peters) #4

Rich are you answering the topic question or Will post.

(William Adams) #5

Correct, per:

but for folks with Nomads and tool length sensors or who can depend on depth ring collars there may be multiple tools in a file.

Similarly, this feed rate override is persistent even after loading a second file.

(Luc) #6

OK maybe I am misunderstanding this. If I increase the feed rate when I am cutting something. When I’m finished and load another GCode file to cut a separate project or maybe something else with a different endmill on the same project, I expected that the feed rate would be reset to 100%. If this is not the case, how do you reset to ensure you have the correct feed rate; reconnect to the CNC?

(William Adams) #7

You have to press the button to reduce speed as many times as you (effectively) pressed the button to increase it.

(mikep) #8

This sort of depends on the sender. With UGS I know for a fact this is not the case - when the next program starts it is always at “100%” not the adjusted rates.