Christmas Present Show and Tell


Now Christmas is behind us for this year I thought I would start a present making show and tell thread!

I’ll start things off with a few of the presents I made for friends and family this year:

(Michael) #2

newbe here and to CNC/ Shapeoko XXL. Found a lot of answers to things I was having problems with here, hope to learn more. Since retiring as a LEO, this has filled the “what the hell do i do now” syndrome and the wife’s “please go out and do something”…

Made these after about a month of learning and buying Vcarve pro. These made a couple people happy on Christmas. I already have orders for the “Look what I did” brag rack…1-what I did plauque|480x1081-josephina1-clock1-Ohiostate

(Michael) #3

1-what I did plauque
Hmm didn’t post this one on my last post