Copy and paste in Carbide Create

(Cam LaFrance) #1

Hi, I am new to the CNC world. I build aggravation game boards and I just got done designing one but it was very tedious and time consuming. I have not counted all the holes but there are a very large number of them! I have not been able to copy and paste any of the sections.
Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!!!
Thanks, Cam

(William Adams) #2

You can duplicate the current selection in Carbide Create by hitting control (or Command) c.

You can import additional elements as SVG or DXF files by using the Import button under the Library menu.

(Cam LaFrance) #3

My question is about copying and pasting only one part of my drawing and pasting it in another part. The whole drawing gets selected. It seems like it is not possible.

(William Adams) #4

Ungroup your drawing if need be, then select only the paths which you wish to copy. You can add or remove things from the selection by control-clicking on them.

(system) #5

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