Cribbage Board 1 day build


Just finished this in an effort to force myself to learn this game. Oak 1/8" inlays for the markers, and 1/8" cherry for the heart marking my town. I haven’t finished the storage holder yet, but thinking of mounting it at 90 degrees and having the shapeoko mill out a hole for the cover plate, and then littler holes to store the pegs. Don’t know yet on where to go with that idea.


(Larry) #2

Is that South Dakota? Very nice.

(John England) #3

Really cool, @atrueresistance! Did you cut a dowel down for the pegs?


Yes I did. I used a hand saw to cut them at the same lengths and then chucked them up in a drill and used the drill with sand paper to round/deburr the pegs.


Finished the holder part tonight.

(Andrew Pell) #6

mind sharing any info on the magnets? what size were the dowels? Thanks

(Carl Hilinski) #7

I make a similar scoretrack for game boards I sell. I used to stand at the drill press for hours drilling and sometimes the drill bit would skate a little or I’d move the stock or a chip would come out. Having the S03 make them for me now is a dream.

(Daniel Loughmiller) #8

K&J and CMS Magnetics are good suppliers of pretty much any magnet size you might need.