Cutting 0.55mm pure silver plate - Depth of cut issue

(Stephan Human) #1


I am using Fusion360 to design some very fine items. What I do is not very advanced, and 90% of the time I only do 2D contour or drill operations.

The problem is, I have to compensate the depth by setting my bottom to -0.35. If not, the cutting operation does not cut through the material. The stock is 0.55mm pure silver. I created a 2D contour operation, and I use the 0.032" ball nose bit.

My stock offset is set to 0 all around, and my origin is set to the top of the object. In carbide motion, I set it the same, with Z at the top of the stock.

If I do not use the bottom offset, it does not cut through. I therefor need to set the bottom offset to -0.35mm. The same with a simple drill operation

Any ideas? I checked the GCode and it seems to be correct as well. It is almost like the Nomad is not calibrated right.

(William Adams) #2

Where are you setting the zero at? The tip of the ball endmill? If so, don’t you need to go down by the radius of the ball so as to get down past the ball end and to the shoulder for a clean cut through?

(Richard Cournoyer) #3

Wait, are you using a ball end mill? The end of the ball is the Z0, but you need to cut past the radius to complete your hole…which is normal. At least that is how I am reading your info.

(Evan Day) #4

Also, can you share your Fusion 360 file here so that we can see it? If you click on your name in the top right of Fusion, and go to My Profile, it will open a browser and you can navigate to your project, make it shareable, and share a link here.

But I digress, more importantly, why are you using a ball mill if you are trying to cut through your material using a contour path? Seems like a flat mill would be better?

(Edward Kramer) #5

The suggestions to use a flat end mill instead of ball mill is your best bet. But one other thing to check is the “Stock to leave” setting (found in the Passes tab in your 2D Contour op in Fusion 360). If the STL box is checked and the value for Axial STL is something other than zero, an offset is being applied to the z axis depth. Positive values are shallower than the nominal depth, negative values cut deeper than nominal. I’ve been bitten by the defaults in F360 for stock to leave.